Mini Treasure Kids Fashion Summer 2013 Collections

Thursday, July 4th 2013. | 2-4, 5-7, CLOTHING, FASHION

Mini Treasure Summer 2013 1

Wearing clothing that is liked well-liked by everyone, so did the children. Children’s clothing is very difficult to choose, there are times when you as a parent feel the clothes are nice but sometimes kids do not like it, therefore you as a parent is better to first look for inspiration in choosing children’s clothing, you can ask your child in choosing his clothes, so you’ll both fit each other and both feel good clothes. Here will be given some design clothes for children from Mini Treasure summer of 2013, we hope to inspire you in choosing children’s clothing.

Mini Treasure Summer 2013 2

Mini Treasure is one of the brands of children’s clothing that is very popular. Clothes designs are so diverse and liked by the kids. This time Mini Treasure designing some clothes children aged 2 to 7 years for the summer of 2013. Clothing design time is arguably very admirable. Children dress with tassels that look adorable, and then with the addition of a beautiful flower on the chest make this dress look so cute. Children’s clothing is also designed an elegant look this time. Boys clothing designed simple but looks fit for children. All of the design outfit from Mini Treasure looks very suitable to spend time in the summer.

Mini Treasure Summer 2013 3

Mini Treasure Summer 2013 4

Mini Treasure Summer 2013 5

Mini Treasure Summer 2013 6

Mini Treasure Summer 2013 7

Mini Treasure Summer 2013 8

Mini Treasure Summer 2013 9

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