Kids Collection : Roberto Cavalli’s Angels & Devil for Spring Summer 2012

Thursday, April 26th 2012. | CLOTHING, FASHION

Roberto Cavalli Kidswear 1

Any change of seasons, design and model clothes also change. There are so many types of clothing that was designed for the season. If you want to look attractive in every season, you should always follow the development of models and designs clothes. changing not only the design of adult clothing, but also designs children’s clothing. Development of children’s clothing design is also very interesting. You should also pay attention to your child’s clothes, so your child will look so attractive and you also will feel happy.

Roberto Cavalli Kidswear 2

There are so many designs clothes for the kids in the spring / summer of 2012. If you want to give clothes for your child, choose carefully. Well-known brands are also many who designs clothes for children. One was Roberto Cavalli who designed some of the children’s clothing for spring / summer 2012. Roberto Cavalli apparel boy looks so attractive with a highly diverse species. The son of Roberto Cavalli dress such as dresses, pants, shirts, and many others. Your child will look so appealing and through the spring / summer 2012 with happy.

Roberto Cavalli Kidswear 3


Roberto Cavalli Kidswear 4


Roberto Cavalli Kidswear 5


Roberto Cavalli Kidswear 6


Roberto Cavalli Kidswear 7


Roberto Cavalli Kidswear 9


Roberto Cavalli Kidswear 10


Roberto Cavalli Kidswear 11


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