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Wednesday, March 28th 2012. | 0-2, 2-4, 5-7, CAR SEAT

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The True Fit Rebound (model C670) is one in all the newest additions to the True match Convertible automotive Seat family. This seat delivers all of the quality features from our original True match with many new features. This seat features the quality no-0rethread easy-to-adjust harness. The harness is to be used up to 65 pounds. Our easy off head rest and easy off pads are commonplace too. The C670 model features smaller bottom rails and the patented Rebound Energy Management system–a flip up rebound bar that actually helps manage the rebound within the unlikely event of a crash.

Pull the bar forward and it snaps in place along with your rear facing installation and flip it back with you move to the forward facing installation. This seat is fully lined with EPP foam and has deep aspect wings that actually surround your child. we’ve got added a middle angle indicator within the front of our seat to be used when installing within the rear facing position. This new easy to browse indicator will assist you confirm if you have installed your seat at the angle recommended by Safety Advocates. we’ve got conjointly moved both aspect LATCH attachments so they are easy to access after you are installing your seat and easy to secure after you take away the seat from your vehicle.

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The First Years Family of Highest Rated True match Convertible automotive Seats-Easy for You, Safer for Your Baby! looking for a automotive seat that is easy to put in? Did you recognize if you have a seat that is easier to install there’s less of a chance that it will be installed incorrectly? The C670 True match Convertible automotive Seat has been awarded high easy use ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). What does that mean? That after reviewing our seats, our labels, and our directions it had been determined our seats were easy to Use! The True match Rebound (model C670) was awarded five Stars in both the rear and forward facing modes, the maximum awarded by NHTSA and our True match (model C630) was awarded Four Stars in both the rear and forward facing positions.

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Why obtain the True match convertible seat? Did you recognize that you simply will use our seat from 5 to 65 pounds and during the complete time of use your child will be secured in a 5-point harness? Most Safety Advocates suggest keeping your child in a harness as long as attainable! Advocates conjointly suggest keeping your kid rear facing for as long as possible. we’ve got a removable headrest that actually is easy to remove. One finger lifts the discharge and you are able to pull the pinnacle rest off until you wish it. As your infant starts to grow, merely add the pinnacle rest back on and you are sensible to travel within the rear facing position up to 35 pounds. When your infant is ready to watch you drive merely make certain that head rest is in place and turn your seat around. Remember, even within the forward facing position, your child will still be using the 5-point harness. Let’s not ditch installation, all of our True match Convertibles feature built in lock offs and LATCH system, for both the rear and forward facing positions. we conjointly color code all of our belt paths, creating it easier for you to locate simply where you must be putting your automotive seat belts after you install your seat. Wondering about aspect Impact Testing? The True match seats all have deep aspect wings and that they are all aspect impact tested to International Standards!

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Ever attempt to modify or rethread the harness straps on a automotive seat? Unless you have many hours to spare, you may extremely appreciate our no-rethread easy-to-adjust harness system. we’ve got easy to access shoulder belt height adjusters on all sides of the seat and that they are clearly marked with recommended positions (four) primarily based on whether you are installing in a rear or forward facing position. All of this means you never have to pay time attempting to figure out how to correctly rethread or modify the harness. does your child ever make alittle mess with their animal crackers within the car? the mixture of our no-rethread harness and our easy-off padding makes shut down a snap, literally, our pad snaps right off. merely raise the middle flap on the pad, unsnap the perimeters and shut down is as simple as are often. Once your pad is clean, it snaps back on in seconds trouble free!

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As your child grows, don’t have any worries that they will not fit in your True match. the inside dimensions of our seat are large and cozy. In fact, with the extra soft seat pads and roomier seat it may be laborious to convince your child to depart their seat!

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