Power Wheels Barbie Jammin Jeep Wrangler By Fisher Price

Wednesday, March 14th 2012. | 2-4, 5-7, Bikes, Skates & Ride-Ons, Play Vehicles

Power Wheels Barbie Jammin Jeep Wrangler

The Fisher-Price Power Wheels Barbie Jammin’ Jeep Wrangler gears your youngsters up for a fun, music-filled driving adventure. Designed for out of doors use on laborious surfaces and grass, this vehicle options realistic details to encourage role play, like working doors, a rear storage area, and a pretend radio with six preprogrammed tunes. With two forward drive speeds, one reverse speed, and a 12-volt rechargeable battery, this Barbie Jammin’ Jeep Wrangler offers hours of fun for ages three and up.

Steel Frame is made for Safety

The Power Wheels Barbie Jammin’ Jeep Wrangler is constructed with a sturdy steel frame that supports a most weight of 130 pounds. Charming purple accents on the bumper, roll bar, and windshield highlight its sturdy bright pink plastic exterior. The working doors not only open and close to produce security, however also add realistic detail. For added safety, the interior of the vehicle options sleek contours and rounded edges to guard against cuts and scratches.

 Power Wheels Barbie Jammin Jeep Wrangler

Pretend Radio options Six Jammin’ Tunes

Since no driving adventure is complete without music, the Barbie Jammin’ Jeep Wrangler offers six jammin’ tunes. Using the pretend radio, your child will choose from six totally different preprogrammed tunes to play whereas on the go. The radio options giant buttons for simple use and colorful details like station readout and GPS display stickers, making role play fun and convincing.

 Power Wheels Barbie Jammin Jeep Wrangler

Two Speeds for Beginners and Advanced Users

Whether your child could be a beginner or a sophisticated driver, the Barbie Jammin’ Jeep Wrangler’s two driving speeds will accommodate him or her. The vehicle options an electronic power lock braking system that automatically stops the vehicle when your child’s foot lifts from the pedal. A shifter with high-speed lockout for beginners provides custom management of driving speeds–low speed for traditional 2-1/2-mph cruising and high speed for max 5-mph racing. The vehicle may also shift into reverse for convenient backing up.

Power Wheels Barbie Jammin Jeep Wrangler

The Power Wheels Barbie Jammin’ Jeep Wrangler performed remarkably well in testing. The vehicle took approximately ninety minutes to assemble and eighteen hours to fully charge. Its solid construction and low center of gravity provided optimal handling and balance. due to its 12-volt rechargeable battery, the vehicle drove with sufficient power backwards and forwards, providing a pleasant ride. However, steering capability was somewhat restricted, as was the pretend radio’s six preprogrammed tunes. Despite these concerns, youngsters will possible appreciate the sleek styling, powerful handling, and custom controls.

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