Kids Building Toys – LEGO Friends Olivia’s House

Friday, February 24th 2012. | 2-4, 5-7, 8-11, BUILDING TOYS

Kids Building Toys

Host a party or just relax at Olivia’s House, a build-able LEGO house complete with furnishings and LEGO friends. This colorful home will have interaction children half dozen to twelve years aged with its realistic appliances, furniture, and accessories. pay time with Olivia and her family in one amongst the various rooms or have interaction in one amongst the out of doors activities, this house has several play options. many accessories beside your child’s imagination ensure there’s always one thing to try and do at Olivia’s House.

The Fun Begins with the Build

The Olivia’s House LEGO Friends set is made in sections, thus youngsters will mark their progress area by area. Have a blast developing the accessories for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom, and decorate using the included flower pack. With all the movable pieces, it’s fun and simple to remodel, redecorate, or entirely rebuild the house. Collect and mix different LEGO Friends sets to create an entire fun-filled LEGO city.

 Kids Building Toys

Charming LEGO Friends

Between the accessories, furniture, and LEGO Friends, it is a full house at Olivia’s. This set comes with mini-dolls for Olivia, her Mom Anna, her Dad Peter, and their adorable cat Kitty. Place the figures anywhere round the home or on different LEGO sets–the LEGO Friends pieces are compatible with all LEGO bricks. Have Peter mow the lawn, or have Anna bake a treat. Or, gather everybody into one area for a few quality time–it’s all up to you. LEGO mini-dolls are created especially for the planet of LEGO Friends and have many hair and fashion mixtures to choose from.

Many Rooms for a range of Activities

Olivia’s House features several rooms, thus you can play with her and therefore the remainder of the family as they’re going along their daily routines. Curl up with a book, take a nap, or play with accessories in Olivia’s bedroom. inspect the realistic shower, toilet, and tub in the lavatory. produce a gourmet meal in the kitchen, or settle down on the couch and watch your favorite show in the living room. the home conjointly features an outdoor garden and rooftop patio that the fun will move outdoors too.

Realistic Accessories boost the Fun

Olivia’s house is choked with fun accessories. The kitchen has everything from appliances and pots and pans to utensils and yummy ingredients. Among Olivia’s favorite possessions are a hairbrush and an outsized diary. The yard and garden are choked with surprises, like a lawnmower, barbecue, flowers, ladybugs, and butterflies.

  Kids Building Toys


Kids Building Toys



  • Includes cat Kitty and 3 mini-doll figures: Olivia, Mom (Anna) and Dad (Peter) and features kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, barbecue, rooftop patio and outdoor table
  • Furniture includes a shower, toilet, sink, bed, vanity, couch, sofa chair, coffee table, TV, refrigerator with opening door, cabinets, oven, sink, kitchen table and chairs, Olivia?s House is built in sections to easily rearrange for a custom creation
  • Accessories include diary, hairbrush, blender, salt and pepper shakers, frying pan, spatula, muffin tins, mixer, utensils, baking tray, bowl, sausage, chicken drumstick, carrots, apple, bunch of cherries, milk carton and flower accessory pack
  • Lego Friends pieces are fully compatible with all Lego System bricks
  • Collect all of the Lego Friends sets for a whole world of Lego Friends fun

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